Global Logistic Management Services

X. Paul Humbert, President and Founder

Paul Humbert, Esq. is President of The Humbert Group, LLC.  The Humbert Group (THG) provides consulting services to global procurement clients with particular emphasis on complex negotiations, strategic alliances, process improvement, risk management techniques, project management assistance, training and coaching, as well as post-execution contract management including claims and dispute resolution.

Paul holds degrees in both business and law and has extensive experience in these matters. He is an expert in structuring agreements and contract management procedures. Paul also teaches at the graduate school level. He is a lecturer at the Rutgers Graduate School of Business and has served as an Adjunct Professor at both Seton Hall Law School and Monmouth College where he taught legal and business courses. Paul has also served as an arbiter for the American Arbitration Association and is a frequent guest speaker.

Paul is the co-author of  four books dealing with supply chain and contract management optimization: namely, “Contract and Risk Management for Supply Management Professionals”, “Model Contract Terms and Conditions with Annotations and Case Summaries” and “Playbook for Managing Supply Chain Transactions”. Paul’s fourth book entitled “How to Analyze and Negotiate Warranties for Goods and Services, a primer for lawyers and non-lawyers alike”, deals with how to negotiate and manage warranty issues.

Paul is a regular contributor to The European Financial Review, a global publication with over 300,000 subscribers. Paul is also a regular contributor to Professional Purchasing, the American Purchasing Society’s monthly publication.

X. Paul Humbert  Logistics Management Services Expert

X. Paul Humbert  Logistics Management Services Expert

Our Scope of Expertise

The Humbert Group provides clients with training, contract negotiation support, and transaction management. THG tailors the solutions it provides to meet each client’s specialized needs. We do this by bringing the right resources to bear in a timely and efficient manner with the needed level of experience and expertise. 

Paul, THG's founder writes about matters pertaining to global logistics management services. How well companies manage commercial risk is the key to good contracting and success. Global supply chain logistics are complex but a necessary part of every corporations process improvement. That is why so many organizations whether public or private are so heavily invested in process improvement consulting, commercial risk management and supply chain consulting. 

Business purchasing and sales have never been more challenging. Although process improvement and commercial risk management services are effective at improving sales and reducing risk, they are expensive. Nothing helps the bottom line towards profitability like knowledge. The right contract management and global supply chain books can be a vital part of improving logistics, better contracting, and reducing contact risks. Plus I do some something unique...I make the topic of global logistics management services  fun and a pleasure to read about. Your next favorite vacation book might well be about global supply chain logistics! Take a look at all the 5 star reviews of my books by people who work in , teach and practice the art and science of global logistics management services. 

Supply Chain Management Books

Our books provide valuable knowledge on Logistics Management Services, Supply Chain Management, Contract Risk Management, Contract Drafting and Contract Procedures and Protocols. This information will assist you in procurement, commercial terms and conditions, contract language, best practices and process improvement. 

Total Life Cycle Management

We assist clients in achieving sound total lifecycle management of their transactions; namely, a well defined, well documented, and easily understood process with consistently applied procedures and clearly defined responsibilities designed to ensure that contractual objectives are met.  

Consulting and Training

Preparation and training are the keys to sound transaction lifecycle management. We can assist you in your “cradle-to-grave” contracting needs from supporting negotiations to resolving disputes. Our objective is to allow you to concentrate on your business goals by providing areas of expertise to help you to continue be successful.  


We help clients to improve their supply chain management negotiating skills, thereby improving the results of the negotiation with suppliers or customers, even in cases where you don’t have much leverage. You can’t always successfully negotiate without leverage, but you can often successfully influence without any power or leverage at all. We help you understand how this works.