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Learn to Identify, Minimize, and Manage Commercial Risks  

What Will This Book Do for You? This book provides a survival manual for anyone involved in the crafting, structuring, negotiating, supporting or managing contracts involving commercial transactions of goods, services or both. It blends the practical with general legal principles and highlights best practices for supply chain professionals and anyone else involved, directly or indirectly, with the generation or management of contracts from cradle-to-grave. 

Who Should Use this Book? Supply Chain Management Professionals, Risk Managers, Insurance Experts, Project Managers, Purchasing Agents, Contract Administrators, Executives and any business or technical professionals who are involved with developing, managing or implementing projects, purchases or any complex transaction or procurement where cost, schedule and scope certainty are important. 

What Does This Book Cover? This book covers how the relationship of the parties affects commercial transactions and addresses the importance of upholding the integrity of the process and the contract by understanding key supply chain best practices. The book focuses on contracting strategies and approaches including how to structure requests for proposals and instructions to bidders as well as key considerations in pricing and pricing adjustments, risk management tools and techniques, the importance of defining the deliverables and outcomes, negotiation strategies and techniques, negotiating warranties and remedies.

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Engaging, Informative, A Must Have!

 I would have written this review sooner, however, I took this book to work and my staff kept checking it out like I was the public library. Once I got my hands on it, it quickly became clear to me how informative this book is. It is a great resource for the experienced professional and a teaching tool for the novice. I strongly recommend this book, along with the author's previous text, as a must have set in your collection of references. It's easy to read, straight forward, and clearly written by someone with practical experience. 

Colleen R.

I Wish Had This Book Many Years Ago...

 After reading the authors' book, I thought back to a role I had early in my career. I joined a team that was responsible for negotiating and writing contracts for a Fortune 50 company. While it was a great learning experience, looking back, we had little to no training or guidance on the contract terms and the potential impact of our negotiations. It's a bit shocking in hindsight. I wish I had this book back then. If you're involved in negotiating and writing buyer-seller agreements, this will save you time, help you make better decisions, and minimize your contract related risk. 

Christoper Provines

Contracting and Contract Management Explained in Plain English

My husband and I both run separate businesses so knowing about contracts and how to manage them is important to our bottom line. Although we have access to good attorneys, they can't be with us every day, every step of the way. One of the benefits of this book is that it teaches you how to avoid problems and recognize risks. In addition, after reading this book we are better able to articulate the issue to our attorneys in correct timing. This both reduces our contract risks and saves us money on attorney billings. Finally, the book is well-written and surprisingly enjoyable to read! Highly recommend!

Michele Marafiote

A Must Have Reference!

 This book is an excellent reference for both Supply Chain Management Professionals and anyone involved in contracting for good and services, as well as construction. Having been a Contracting Officer for the Navy and spending 40 years in the construction industry, I found this book to be an excellent compendium of work which has been extremely useful to me as a reference and guide. It is by far the best book I have ever read on what can be a very complicated subject. It is very easy to follow and chock full of insights that can ensure your future contracting efforts are successful. The authors make it simple yet informative. I recommend this book to all my associates and students as required reading.
Karl T. Clebak, Jr P.E., Capt., CEC, USN (Ret.), Adjunct Professor NJIT 


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Our Supply Chain Management books provide valuable knowledge on all aspects of contracting. This will assist you in procurement, commercial terms and conditions, contract language, contract drafting, best practices and process improvement. With this key information, you’ll be better informed about all phases of managing supply chain transactions and well versed in contract terms and conditions. These skills prepare you for transaction lifecycle management and complex contract negotiations.  

Contract Risk, Lifecycle, and Supply Chain Management Expert


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