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Why You Should Read Our Books

 Our Supply Chain Management books provide valuable knowledge on all aspects of contracting. This will assist you in procurement, commercial terms and conditions, contract language, contract drafting, best practices and process improvement. With this key information, you’ll be better informed about all phases of managing supply chain transactions and well versed in contract terms and conditions. These skills prepare you for transaction lifecycle management and complex contract negotiations.   

New Book on Supply Chain Transactions for CFOs & The C-Suite

Read contract management expert Paul Humbert, Esq., new book, ‘What CFOs (and Future CFOs) Need To Know About Supply Chain Transactions and How Their Risks Should Be Managed.’


"As CFO you never want to be part of the problem,” says Humbert. “Many CFOs know very little about supply chain transactions or the risks they entail. Use this book to be part of the solution.” 

Humbert’s book is a must-read for current and aspiring CFOs who are responsible for managing, negotiating and executing supply chain transactions and contracts. This thorough and comprehensive resource covers an exhaustive and impressive list of issues including: defining scope of work; negotiation skills; risk management techniques; contract drafting guidelines; defining deliverables; and liability.

Build your Playbook for Managing Supply Chain Transactions

Build your Playbook for Managing Supply Chain Transactions

Contract and Risk management for Supply Chain Management Professionals

 Learn to Identify, Minimize, and Manage Commercial Risks