Contract Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Contract Risk Management

The Humbert Group LLC. (“THG”)  has built a solid reputation with its popular books on Supply Chain Management, Contract Drafting, Contract Risk Management and Contract Lifecycle Management. THG also provide its clients with training, contract negotiation support, and transaction management. THG tailors the solutions it provides to meet each client’s specialized needs. We do this by bringing the right resources to bear in a timely and efficient manner with the needed level of experience and expertise.

Who should read our books?

Our books provide valuable knowledge on Supply Chain Management and Contract Risk Management. This will assist you in procurement, commercial terms and conditions, contract language, contract drafting, best practices and process improvement. With this key information, you’ll be better informed about all phases of managing supply chain transactions and well versed in contract terms and conditions. These skills prepare you for transaction lifecycle management and complex contract negotiations.

Some Testimonials from our readers

In their book MODEL CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, authors Paul Humbert and Robert C. Mastice provide a complete outline of everything the reader will need to know about business contracts— from specific terms and conditions to clear and concise examples of contract language. … now I have ALL the information I need in ONE place.


So glad to have this important reference book. Simple. Direct. Uncomplicated.

T. H.

Great content without the fluff!

If you’re looking for a book with complex, confusing diagrams and word art pictures this is not the book for you. I found this to be a practical look at the key aspects that firms need to consider when structuring contracts. It is clear that Mr. Humbert has a wide range of experience in this space and he masterfully conveys his breadth of knowledge to both novice and experienced professionals. A must read for those looking for an informative and practical guide to contract and risk management.


Five Stars! An excellent read. Highly recommended for anyone who is involved in drafting and creating contracts.


Truly an outstanding resource guide and a must have for any manager tool kit. It is easy to understand and apply to everyday situations. I do wish this resource was made available to me years ago!


I’ve been searching for a book on supply chain management for awhile, but couldn’t find anything that goes beyond theory until now. Playbook for Managing Supply Chain Transactions is an excellent resource with real world applications. Playbook is an excellent survival guide on setting up a contracting process in any business. Useful for any professional including technical persons like myself who support procurement organizations. I recommend this to anyone looking to advance their knowledge and value in their field.