Build your Playbook for Managing Supply Chain Transactions

With Desktop Tools, References and Sample Forms

In “PLAYBOOK” the authors apply their decades of experience with procurement, supply chain practices, contract management, risk management and mitigation to provide a well-defined methodology for safely and effectively entering into and managing supply chain transactions from “cradle to grave”. Build Your Playbook is a much needed guide for professionals on the playing field of SCM. It will serve you well as an effective tool for the overall process improvement of your business.

Without a clear process for managing your supply chain, chaos is sure to follow. This involves understanding the current state of your supply chain procedures and what can be done to improve those procedures. Moreover, this book highlights the importance of ensuring that all transactions are actively managed in a manner that mitigates risk and promotes the highest probability of success. The dangers of ignoring value of a sound scope of work or scope of supply is addressed. All too often there is the dangerous attitude of “It’s understood” or “It’s going to be just like the last project”. A key takeaway is the fact that the best way to promote sound supplier relations is to ensure that both parties are following the contract and that deviations from the existing agreement are handled according to protocol and not simply via ill-advised “hand shake” deals.

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In “Build Your Playbook…”, based on their decades of professional, practical, on the job experience, Messrs. Humbert and Mastice provide a complete, practical and exceptionally valuable step by step guide, including all the tools and templates necessary for the structure and management of successful supply chain contracts and transactions. For anyone involved in and specifically responsible for supply chain transactions, this easy to understand and easy to use step by step guide is simply essential and will be used over and over again.

I took a contract management course with the author. It was amazing the impact of knowledge I obtained from him. The author is vested in contracting and contract management and he teaches from experience. I bought this book and found out that all that he taught was from it. It has really helped me to write a contract management plan for an engineering and construction company.
I highly recommend this book for everyone.

I’ve worked on both the seller side and buyer side in negotiating B2B contracts for the past 20+ years. I found this to be a clear, comprehensive, practical, and surprisingly simple reference. Anyone involved in negotiating and writing supply contracts either on the buyer or seller side will find that this is a useful tool and great source of ideas.

This book is a “a must have” for the procurement professional. It is well-written and I can relate to what the authors are trying to get across. An easy read yet the authors are extremely knowledgeable about this subject. Very informative!

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