Contract and Risk management for Supply Chain Management Professionals

Identify, Minimize and Manage Commercial Risks

As an exploration of model contract terms and conditions, this is a how-to-book, specifically on how to enter into and manage contracts to maximum advantage while minimizing risks. It brings together not only supply chain management theory and practice but other disciplines and skill sets. These include managing and administering contracts, contract negotiation, legal principles, project management approaches, sound scope definition, claim resolution methodologies and other risk management technigues.

What Will This Book Do for You? This book provides a survival manual for anyone involved in the crafting, structuring, negotiating, supporting or managing contracts involving commercial transactions of goods, services or both. It blends the practical with general legal principles and highlights best practices for supply chain professionals and anyone else involved, directly or indirectly, with the generation or management of contracts from cradle-to-grave. Even commercially wise and sophisticated organizations can be untrained and unaware of certain gaps and traps in the management of their contracts. This book addresses those pitfalls and provides lessons learned and guidance that are not typically taught at the college or even graduate school level.